What is CoWorking?

CoWorking provides affordable office and work spaces to people who don't need traditional suites. Entrepreneurs increasingly prefer shared amenities to high overheads. Small businesses are shedding costs; start-ups must budget frugally; and simple office infrastructure makes room for dynamic new ideas. 

First launched in 1999, the CoWorking concept gathered momentum across Europe. Then it spread globally. Today there are more than 2000 CoWorking spaces internationally. Our purpose is to create a space that gives flight to new ventures, diversifies Aspen's economy, and encourages fledgling enterprise. We do this by providing a cost-effective environment for focus, networking through friendship, and professional development. The CoWorking movement creates new economic patterns and opportunities through collaborative, shared place. 


Work is key to human dignity. Having a place to express talents, be creative, close deals, or get the bookkeeping done is necessary in any community.

Micro-entrepreneurship, craftsmanship and artistry, tech clusters, and community development all fit in our 1500 square foot space.

Come pick up your keys and join us. 



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